Kingdom Keeper Application Quiz

Have you ever wondered if one night you would wake up in the Disney Parks one night? Take this quiz to find out! Although all rights to everything Disney related go to Disney because NONE OF IT IS MINE I like to think I'm a bit of an expert. This quiz can tell you if you are like me, a KINGDOM KEEPER!

Are YOU a Kingdom Keeper? Put that question to rest by taking this application quiz. Although it's hard to pass, it's short and sweet. Please review to suggest how I can improve! But this isn't about me, it's about you! Good luck!

Created by: Charlene Turner

  1. In all, how many Kingdom Keeper books are in the connecting novella series between the first seven books and the next three?
  2. How many Kingdom Keepers are there?
  3. What is a "fairlie"?
  4. In which ride do you have to smile to protect yourself from harm?
  5. Which two Kingdom Keepers swapped the roles they were chosen for? Tip: This happened in the first seven books, not the last three.
  6. What convinced Finn in the first book, Disney After Dark, that his first experience crossing over wasn't just a dream?
  7. How does Finn escape Maleficent, in the first book, when she traps him beneath Pirates of the Caribbean?
  8. How does Finn free Jez from Maleficent's spell?
  9. Who is the leader of the Kingdom Keepers group?
  10. In what way are Amanda and Jess related?
  11. What is Charlene's parenting situation?
  12. Are you book smart and/or street smart?
  13. Are you somewhat athletic? (Can you run ten meters without feeling faint?)
  14. Do you think you are cut out to be a Kingdom Keeper?

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