Kill the gtq timelimit?

Do you hate the timelimit then take this fun quiz DIIEE timit i hate the timelimit so much its annoying i cant stan the timelimit Byyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee

Do you hate the timelimit alot then take my fun quiz u hate the timelimit sooo mutch diiiiieeeeeeee timelimie you suck i cant stand the timelimit byeee

Created by: saralee123

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  1. You know what the timelimit is right?
  2. You know what the timelimit is right?
  3. the timelimit needs to go
  4. does it bother you alot
  5. do you post in the foreums alot
  6. *Stabs Timelimit*
  7. *Shoots timelimit*
  10. the timelimit is the worst thing about this site
  11. like this quiz
  12. comment/rate

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