Keeper of the Lost Cities Trivia 2.0

Do not take this quiz if you have not read ALL the Keeper of the Lost Cities books. It incudes spoilers. Have fun. Check out my other quiz Keeper of the Lost Cities Trivia.

If the quiz is two hard or the questions don't make sense please let me know. Also don't forget to rate. let me know if I got something wrong. Have Fun!

Created by: ky the awsomeone
  1. what is Keefe's hair color?
  2. which of these characters is a Flasher
  3. Which book does Sophie train with goblin throwing stars?
  4. Is Fitz on Sophies first matchmaking list?
  5. what ability does Grady have?
  6. which creture has a special ability? (elves don't count)
  7. What is keeper of the lost cities book 5 called.
  8. what is Sophie's favorite animal.
  9. Which of sophies friends has had memories erased by there mom.
  10. What weapon is used to knock out dex at the end of book one.
  11. what two characters are on the cover of Everblaze.
  12. what do you call a leaping Crystal made into a wand.
  13. True or false Shadowfluxx is the least known element in Keeper of the lost cities.
  14. the purest form of light is called:
  15. True or false Caiman is a kind of large bird in Keeper of the lost Cities.
  16. What color is a leaping crystal that goes to the forbidden cities.
  17. did you like this quiz?

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