Katana Thinks You're Awesome

There are many people, but few that would want to live in Katanaville. What is Katanaville? It's a strange place of curiousities where Katana runs amok. Katana is an artist, a creative happy soul, who likes to be entertained.

Do YOU have what it takes to be a resident of Katanaville? The metropolis is under construction in the form of a sketchbook and perhaps in the future, a graphic novel. If you think it sounds amusing, you must take this quiz.

Created by: Katana
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  1. Do you wear eyeliner?
  2. Do you like Sanctuary?
  3. Are you intelligent?
  4. Do you have a male haircut? (This excludes dreads, mohawks, or other unusual hairdos) Examples include: short hair.
  5. Do you like goth clothing, especially corsets?
  6. Do you have life experience involving run-ins with the police, crime lords, or anything harmless you probably shouldn't have been doing? Examples include: Paragliding in the city, or rapelling from the 3rd floor to the 2nd through a hole in the floor.
  7. Do you read my blog?
  8. Do you like to talk and/or tell stories? (Includes everything from graphic novels to witty one-liners. Excludes "small talk")
  9. Do you like cats?
  10. Do you like martial arts?
  11. Do you like bellydancing?
  12. Do you like sewing?
  13. Do you like spraypaint and graffiti?
  14. Do you like Puns or Russian Reversals? Example: Roses are Red, violets are blue, in Soviet Russia, Poem Reads You!
  15. Do you consider yourself a character?
  16. Do you like to sit around and watch movies?

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