Just another love story pt. 4

You Are A Very Colorful / Creative Person . You Are Very Open-Minded And Your Not Afraid To Show Everyone What You Got ! No Matter If It Is Art Or Just Singing , Acting , Dancing Or Whatever , You Like To Just Put It Out There And Not Be Scared To Show Your Talents .

I love you guys..:D hehe, how's it going? I am so tired. :3 Oh.My.Gosh it might snow or sleet or whatever tonight!!:D no school tomorrow, maybe(: blah

Created by: Cheesypuff29

  1. Recap: You walk in the cafeteria and look for your friends and you see.....
  2. You see.. Your friends standing and yelling at Courtney. "You f---ing sl--- hoe!" One of your friends shouted. "What's going on?" you asked them. "Well this b!tch is telling people lies about you." Allie said. You glare at Courtney and say through gritted teeth, "What is your f---ing problem with me, you b****."
  3. "Everything." I gave a confused look. "What?" "Your looks, Brandon, and other things!" "Brandon?" Whoa, did she just say she was jealous of MY looks or did I just misheard her? "Yes, Brandon, he likes you a lot, can't you tell?" I look at Brandon, to see him, wide eyed.
  4. Brandon like me, as in me, Monica Anderson, me. I find that awesome but weird, maybe because I never had a real boyfriend or a guy who truly likes me in return. Lord, help me with this situation. I wanted this all along and now I have it but I don't know what to say or do. Is she just lying to make me fall for it or what. Omg, omg, omg, lord lord lord, help me!
  5. I blushed at the thought of Brandon liking me. "Brandon, is that true?" He didn't even hesitate with the words that came out of his mouth. "Yes." I am in utter shock, I can't believe it, he likes me! "You do?" "Yes, Monica I always have ever since we were 13." "You liked me for 3 years straight?" Whoa... No way..
  6. "Yes, i tried so hard to get over my big crush over you but it was so hard to get over you." He smiled, then turned around to I don't know what he was doing.
  7. After what seemed like hours, he finally turned around and.......
  8. Blah
  9. :3
  10. :D

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