Just a normal girl Pt 1

Hi. I am Stella, not April. I am telling my story under her account because she wants to level up, but I don't care about what level I am. So please read the story.

The first couple of these stories are going to be kinda short. As the year goes on, I will get more into detail and more things will happen.

Created by: Likeaboss

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  1. This is the day of Aug. 23, 2012. It is the first Thursday of the school year and we started school on that Monday.
  2. I looked through all of my stuff and my pencil was gone! It just disappeared! I turned behind me and asked the guy for a pencil. He said okay and got one.
  3. When he handed the pencil to me was the first time I really got a good look of him. My God he was cute. He has brown hair that is kinda straight kinda curly. He has a good tan and he wasn't buff or anything, just skinny. He has brown eyes that match his hair real well. I was a bit surprised that someone that cute was known in my life!
  4. I took the pencil and turned around. I was hoping that the look on my face didn't give away the fact that I though he was cute.
  5. When the bell rang for me to head to my next class, I got up and left. I noticed that he turned the other way when he left the class and I was a wee bit upset that I didn't have the next class with him. I did, though, know that the class after this one we had together because that was when I had to give him his pencil back.
  6. When I walked into my next class, I saw him there. I was shocked! He turned the other way but yet he was in my class! I was a bit happy but I didn't show it. I asked him how he got there so fast, and he just said by taking the non busy stairs.
  7. All while I was in the class, I noticed that he would look at me. When ever I caught him, he just smiled then looked away. This happened a few times. He sits on the other half of the room /:
  8. Next I had to go to hometoom. I had him in my second and third period, next will be fourth. I know, my school is a little weird for having homeroom after third period. My best friend is in my homeroom. She asked how my day was so far and for some reason, the only person I talked about was him. I did ask his name in the first class and he said Austin
  9. After the eight minutes in homeroom was up, I had to go to my fourth period Yay! Austin!
  10. In this class, Austin would look at me yet again. Whenever I caught him, he would smile and look away. I gave hi hispencil at the end of class, and didn't have any more classes with me. /:

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