Just a Friend, BFF, or a true BFFS?

There are people in the world that are different to you. Are they your friend, enemy, sister, bully exct. So who are they??? Are they ur BFF, BFFS, or just your friend!? Come take this quiz and find out.

These answers that I'm gonna give you will tell you why!!! And who are they!!!!!! Good luck!!!!! I mean, you have to know right????!!!!!! Or if your bored come and take this quiz. Please read all of my answers/ results please!!

Created by: PuffBall

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Ok! Let's start!!!! Are u ready?????!!! :D
  2. Is that person u are thinking about have always been there like when ur sad or u have a secret u never told anyone or they always cheer u up. Reall question: CAN U TRUST THEM?????
  3. Do they understand ur life????
  4. How much do u see each other??
  5. Ok half through!!!!!!! Let's get on with the quiz!!!! This does not effect result ok????
  6. Ok ok at the last question it will count but the rest down nope it won't ok????? It's just I have just 4 reall questions kk?
  7. Lalalallalalalal
  8. Ten!! Almoust !!
  9. Jgvgvgufyvigvyhvihghghjgihghigihgihgihhv
  10. Ok this is the last question: what doe you think they are?

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