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You think you know Joey Graceffa? Are you a true Psychopath? Take this quiz and find out! Im running out of things to say lol. So, do you go on YouTube often?

I love YouTube I'm on it everyday for AGES! Bonus fact: Joey loves Hunger Games and Harry Potter. So thats something interesting haha. May the odds be forever in your favor, goodbye! :D

Created by: Carmen

  1. Whats Joeys middle name?
  2. (Hard one you will never guess xD) What height is Joey?
  3. What anime is Joey obbsessed with?
  4. Name one of Joeys best friends:
  5. What does Joey call his fans?
  6. Where is Joey from?
  7. What channel did he own with one of his best friends?
  8. Who owned WinterSpringPro with him?
  9. Are you liking this quiz so far?(This doesent affect your answer.)
  10. Whens Joeys birthday?(ERMAGERD WE HAVE THE SAME BDAY!)
  11. Will you please rate and tell me how you did? (Once again doesent affect your answer.)

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