Joe Jonas Quiz-how well do you know Joe?

you call yourself a true JOE JONAS fan... well take this and find out! test your skills on some of the hottest guys to hit the new millenium! if you can master this quiz, then you can call yourself a true JOE JONAS fan!

just answer a few questions. and see how much of a JOE JONAS know-it-all as you think you are! if you need help, go back to my joe jonas fan site, and learn as much as you can in 2 minutes!

Created by: mekayla

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  1. what is Joe's birth name?
  2. how old is Joe?
  3. what are Joe's brothers names?
  4. how many guitars does Joe own?
  5. what color is Joe's toothbrush?
  6. what is Joe's trademark?
  7. when is Joe's birthday?
  8. is Joe the oldest, middle or youngest Jonas brother?
  9. what is Joe's favorite ice cream flavor?
  10. what is Joe's favorite type of sandwich?

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Quiz topic: Joe Jonas Quiz-how well do I know Joe?