Jenny smith will guess your gender

This will guess your gender by Jenny smith jhjdshfiudsgfuisfbsduufgsiufdsuifbsdudsjhcbjehsbfhjsbfdjshfbsdujbfdubfdkufbdsukbejufbreufgjsufgjdebbdnbkdnv

Thanks comment if there is any mistakes jgugjhgjhgujgujgjhgjyfjyfhnfnhfyyftfgdhgtjugtgfufgtfydhyfhjfhyfjnsjdfnjdsnfjdnfjfffnvjdhcydbfdjdhcdndufhdfndjf

Created by: Jenny smith
  1. Do you hit people
  2. Do you alway worry about your looks or clothe that you are wearing
  3. Do you play football
  4. Do you play violent video game E.G Shooting games
  5. Do you do ballet
  6. Do you like evil stuff
  7. You want to be a nurse when you grow up
  8. You don't like Barbie dolls
  9. You like this quiz?no effect
  10. Which colour do you like

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Quiz topic: Jenny smith will guess my gender