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There were many people called to the Hunger Games. One in twenty-four of them came out alive. Now imagine being one of them. Its scary right? Well you can guess who Leah felt.

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Created by: luvHungerGames
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  1. I stretched out on my bed yawning soon i would go out and take care of the-... Then it hit me, Today was the reaping.
  2. I jumped up almost hiting my head on the low ceiling. I bent over and struggled to breath trying not to throw up at the same time. 5 years ago when I was tweleve it happened. My brother was chosen for the Hunger Games. He was 18 so he had an advantage he even survived til the last 2 until he was killed by a brick. Ever since I had decided to volunteer when I was 18 to go and win the Hunger Games. I am sure that one day my would be called just like my brother. But here I am 17 years old. Trying not to be sick.
  3. I had been strengthening my muscles and learning ropes. I was from district 10 so pushing cows and roping them was good practice. I went to my dresser and started getting dressed. In District 10 our reapings are always early.
  4. A few hours later I was standing there listining to district 10's escort waiting for her to pick the girl going to the hunger games. " Happy Hunger Games. And. May the odds be ever in your favor. Now ladies first!" she says and dramaictly picked a name. She waited what seemed a miniute than she said the name. " Sulvia Winter!" No no not her.
  5. Sulvia Winter was a tweleve year old whos family had helped us tremously when my brother died. And sulvia was very sickly she wouldnt survie a minuete in the Hunger Games. Without thinking I ran up and yelled I volunteer!!!!!!
  6. "Well come on up" she said. I went up wiping all fear from my face. "What is your name?" she asked. " Leah Trendle." I answered. " Well lets continue." She said and picked a boy name, "Tyler Flemining." He came up we shook hands and went back into the justice building.
  7. My parents came to see me. Mom had been crying. "Its okay Mom." "I can win I know it." "I know.' she said. still crying " It just hurts to see both my children going into the Hunger Games." "I will be fine." I told her. My dad hugged me tight. "You be careful okay?" " I will Dad." I promised. they left and the Winter family came in. "Thank you." Mr. Winter said. "For saving Sulvia." "Your welcome. I said. they left and my next vistor was Drew Peterson my brothers best friend. "Here." He said handing me a locket. "Wear it in the arena." He left quickly. I put the locket in my pocket to look at later. My one friend, Lilly came in and said goodbye. then left. what a day this is turning out to be.
  8. We got on the train and met our mentor's Janet and Reed. They ask us what we are good at. "Tlyer is really good at plants." I say "And he is good with a knife." " Leah is strong she can push a 1000 pound cow out of the way and she is very very good with ropes." Tlyer said. " And she has been preparing for this day." I turned to look at him.
  9. After talking we go and watch the recap of the reapings. It looked like the male from 3 and me were the oldest. I went back to my room and suddenly rembered the locket. It had a flower on the front inside it was a picture of my brother. It was his token in the Hunger Games but instead of haveing nothing in it it had his picture. We gave the locket to Drew when my brother died.
  10. okay cliffhanger!!

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