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Thanks for reading guys! this took 3 weeks to make! hope you like this!As you can see i did not base Lucy on me i kinda did but not all the way...! hope you enjoyed! ^-^

i'm making part two soon! i know i didn't put a whole lot of detail in it because... 1# people get bored with lots and lots of detail and 2# if i didn't put detail into the story,everyone would hate this story!

Created by: roselina1314

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  1. Hi ,i'm Lucy and I have short red hair with freckles.It was the first day of high school and the teacher was talking to me and then, the roof started shaking.I looked at the roof and realized a earthquake was happening! The roof broke into pieces and then some of the roof fell on me!
  2. I pushed it off and ran out the door as i did the roof fell and blocked all the exits! I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry!I WOULD NOT GIVE UP! i looked and saw a perfect exit!:D I ran and a large piece of roof fell from the sky and fell on me and i blacked out!
  3. I woke up in a creepy place.everything looked blurry and weird.I sat up and looked everywhere i didn't see my family anywhere at all."HELP! I yelled no one came.where was i?I looked up and saw a cloud.A CLOUD?!? was i dead?!?ANYONE!HELLO?ANYONE!!!!!anyone?I cried and cried.why didn't anyone hear me? A hand grabbed my arm and pulled me up."are you okay?" a young boy with black hair and blue eyes asked."who are you?"i asked."John,i'm in your class,you were under the building for 2 hours! the teacher was worried about you"
  4. The teachers sent us home."Hey,Lucy!John yelled as he ran up to me."hi..." i said.i felt funny that John was talking to me,at my old school i didn't have any friends at all!i felt like telling him to buzz off."want to come to my house,Lucy? asked john."....." i couldn't speak,why?"WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO HER?!?" asked a girl.She had white-blonde hair and bright blue eyes."that's my girl-friend,Rachel." john said "sorry,i yelled said Rachel,it's just that i don't want my boyfriend cheating on me,you won't right,john?rachel asked."uhhh yeah? john said weirdly like if he wanted to cheat on her.but why would he?
  5. John wandered the streets while thinking about Rachel."i don't know what to do.Rachel is my girlfriend and Lucy is just my friend,maybe i should just break up with Rachel." he wondered aloud.He grabbed his phone and called one of his friends,Heather.
  6. John spoke to heather asking directions to the street she was currently living at,little did he know that I lived next to her and i was watching every moment of what he was doing and saying.I gasped as John kissed Heather. O.o
  7. I saw rachel at the wreaked school. "Hi Rachel" "hi Lucy" " just wanted you to know that john cheated on you and.." "HE DID WHAT?!? screamed Rachel."I CAN"T BELIEVE THAT MAN!""I'M HAVING HIS DAUGHTER AND HE...." "OOPS That slipped out" O.o "YOUR PREGNANT RACHEL?!? I yelled "YES!" SHE YELLED BACK.
  8. I can't believe what i just did.Now: Rachel HATES John.John is dating Heather.I just ruined a family cause John was going to purpose to Rachel since he found out she was pregnant. Rachel threw a fit that he cheated on her and he yelled at her saying "WE'RE OVER!"and left her all alone in the house and her parents found out. EVERYTHING HAS JUST BEEN A DISASTER!
  9. I ran to the forest as fast as i could.I figured i didn't want to ruin anyone else's life."HEY!" a voice yelled madly as i ran"YOU DON'T BELONG HERE!"I ran away as far from the city,heck i wasn't even sure i would ever see a human again."Who are you and why are you here?" a girl with dark brown hair and red eyes asked."i'm Lucy Paterson" i said in a awkward voice."Your human.." she said in a surprised voice."Why do you have red eyes?,YOUR A VAMPIRE!?!? AHHHH!!!" i said as i fainted.
  10. Sorry guys! i hope you like this! ^-^ well anyways if you want to add a another person in the story,just say who they are and what they look like and i might put them in the story! :D

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