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This Ish Maii Birthday Quiz ! It Is June 20th , 2012 , And Danqq , Im Gettinq Old !!! Lol , Jk . And i Also Have A Quick Shout Out In Here , Also !

Happy Birthday To Me ( Cha Cha Cha ! ) , Happy Birthday To Me ( Cha Cha Cha ! ) , Happy Birthday To Meeeee , Happy Birthday To Me :D

Created by: IcyDesignns

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  1. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY !!!!
  2. I Ish Havinq A Party On The Offbeat Forum If You Want To Come :)
  3. I Will Turn 12 Today * Applause *
  4. I Accept Presents :D
  5. Im Makinq A New Story Soon Called P.s. I Love You :3
  6. Ok Bye
  7. Jk , Im Still Here :D
  8. Truth Ish .. i Hate Pie .
  9. Shout Out To My 5 Bestest Friends Of GTQ . AZY - Was Maii First Friend On GTQ & My Best One . Love Her Guts !! SilverTree - Was My Second Friend , And She Was The One Who Convinced Me To Stay On GTQ !! SWAGGIRL ( Aka CuteyJackie ) - Ish Really Funny , i Love Her . Even She's A Pain In My Butt :D Zane - Ish Really Funny , Great Friend . And Last But Not Least ... Carrotop ! She Can Be Annoyinq At Times , But i Love The Heck Outta Her !
  10. * Sinqs Bday Sonq * Ok , Bye-bye Now !!

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