Is your story unoriginal?

This quiz is for fun. Do not be offended by anything. Unless you are Karen of course. This is to help your story stand out. There are going to be some inaccuracies.

Well, I know you all are very tempted to do this quiz. It’s short, but mighty. Turn back if you hate the slangs “UwU” or “<3”. I hope you enjoy MY quiz. Try to aim for originality.

Created by: Yeet boi
  1. What species is your character?
  2. If you selected hybrid on question one, how many animals are in the mix?
  3. What type of setting is it?
  4. Does the character get made fun of a lot?
  5. Are they single parented?
  6. Is there a prince/princesse?
  7. Is the bad guy UGLY? Or attractive?
  8. Is one race considered good? Ex: Hobbits are good, Trolls are not.
  9. Do the characters attend school in the plot? Ex: Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts, A magical school.
  10. Does the main character have a love interest?
  11. Is it adventure or more of a romance?
  12. Are you ready for your results?

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Quiz topic: Is my story unoriginal?