Is your spirit twin an animal or a mythical creature?

Who am I really? That is question people have been asking for years. They also ask who there perfect spiritual companion. They usually find out one or the other, but they never knew that they were asking the same question with the same answer: Who is my spirit twin?

In this quiz you will find out the answer to that one question, but answer carefully and truthfully, because I don't think you want to be twins with a Chimera when your real twin is a pegasus!

Created by: Darknight Flame

  1. Which of these choices do you hope is your spirit twin?
  2. How do you approach a person that just hurt your best friend to the point of her/him having to go to the hospital?
  3. What do you do when you are afraid? Don't worry. Nobody, not even me or you, can read your answers after they have been submitted.
  4. Favorite food?
  5. Which of these choices would you rather name yourself, if you were to change your name?
  6. Do you like mythical creatures or animals better?
  7. Which catchphrase is better?
  8. Are you afraid or nervous of who your spirit twin will be?
  9. Are you sure about your last answer?
  10. Answer this, and you're home free!

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Quiz topic: Is my spirit twin an animal or a mythical creature?