Is your school . . . . .?

There are many schools,some are good,some are bad.A lot of people want to go to greaat schools and learn the right thing.But other people have obstacles in their way!You'll wonder how they do it!They want really good schools.And they get it!

Is YOUR school the good or bad?You'll find out in a minute with this quiz!This quiz has every answer counted 1-10 and 5-10-10-10! You'll know the difference with 1 suggestion!

Created by: Kaeren Wu

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What does the letter of your school name begin with:
  2. How long is your time between recess and lunch?
  3. What is your teacher's gender?
  4. Are you:
  5. If you are intermediate,what grade are you in?
  6. If you are primary, what grade are you in?
  7. If you are in preschool, where is your preschool located?
  8. When do you have computers?
  9. When do you have library?
  10. When do you have gym?
  11. Do you have DARE?

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Quiz topic: Is my school . . . . .?