Is your relationship serious?

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this test/quiz explains your relationship status and how you should work it out if there is any problems. This is the right place for answers. and go show you partner how ready you are going to be for them( boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, )

so get ready and toughen up and show you status so fakebook, Instagram and other social medias now your status. get ready to show your love to your partner ( boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, )

Created by: Veengeleen Pierre of my profile check it out, all of me
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  1. Female or Male?
  2. are you guys having fights, often in the beginning?
  3. how's the kissing?
  4. does family approve?
  5. in what stage are you in?
  6. how does he/se feel in this relationship?
  7. is this quiz helping so far?
  8. what is the sex and status of your partner in this relationship?
  9. one more question left , im bored
  10. end of quiz how do you feel?

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Quiz topic: Is my relationship serious?