Is Your Momma Proud Of You

My Quiz Is About Poeple Who Think There Parents Are Proud Of Them && This Quiz Will Determine If She Is Or Not Proud Of Wat Her Son Or Daughther Have Become So OR Is She Distuged In It. Who Know Your Mom Mite Be Proud After All

So Plz Take It && Comment On It So I Know If You Like'd It Or Didnt If I Made Any Mistakes Plz Dont Write Comment Saying Improve On Grammer I Was Kinda Rushin O This So If I Do Im Very Sorry && I Wuld Love It If You Juss Tell Me Wat I Messed Up On

Created by: treece

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are You A High Skool Drop Out!!!
  2. Have You Ever Gotta A Skool Award !!!
  3. Have You Ever Been To Jail Or In A Cop Car !!!!
  4. How Many Hours A Day Do You Run The Streets
  5. Do You Even Live With Your Momma
  6. Wat Did/Do You Wanna Be Wen You Grow Up
  7. How Many Time Have You && Your Parents Have An Arguement
  8. Do You Think Your Momma's Proud Of You.
  9. Do You Think Your Momma's Proud Of You.
  10. Do You Like My Quiz

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Quiz topic: Is my Momma Proud Of You