Is Your Match Alvin, Simon, or Theodore?

P.S. THIS QUIZ IS JUST FOR GIRLS! Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, otherwise known as the Chipmunks, each have their own distinct personalities. If you ever met them, do you wonder which one you would be compatible with? (If the Chipettes didn't exist.)

Well, now you can find out the truth by taking this twelve-question quiz! You might match up with Alvin, or maybe Theodore. Possibly your match is Simon! Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Jessie
  1. How would you want a boy to behave on the first date?
  2. What would you like to do with him?
  3. How would you like him to treat you?
  4. How would you feel about his grades?
  5. Your report for your least best subject is due in a few months, and you need pointers. What would you want him to do?
  6. If you don't have stage fright, pretend you do. You need to perform in a play because the star is sick. What should he do to help you?
  7. If you fell down and hurt your knee, what would he do?
  8. What would he do if a mean, pretty girl was at your school and was bullying you, while trying to get him to like her?
  9. Which personality would you prefer?
  10. How should he feel about books?

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Quiz topic: Is my Match Alvin, Simon, or Theodore?