Is your friend true? Or a fake?

Hi! Please, allow me to judge your best friend. After all, you never know! He/she may be fake! So, there are A LOT of rules in this quiz. You have to follow them to understand it. Head on to the second paragraph, please.

1: No fake friends can take this, or you’ll be the real faker.2:You must only choose 1 question from the 4 (or 2 or 8).3: Your results will gain points towards a result, so choose wisely!4: Have fun!

Created by: KupKat3

  1. How many times has your friend backstabbed you?
  2. Does your friend listen to you?
  3. Would your friend die for you?
  4. Does your friend act like they use you/use you?
  5. Would you call your “friend” a friend?
  6. Okay! Time for some RP! (Y/n= your name, F/n= friends name, and this does not affect score.
  7. You were walking down the street, with your other friends, and you see your friend. What does he/she ask you?
  8. Startled, you turn around. F/n had been following you around all morning! “I did mention I was going on vacation next week, right?”
  9. If you are notin the staring contest: F/n is silent. Soon, it becomes a staring contest, If you are in the contest: F/n stares harder.
  10. If you used the exclamation mark: F/n stops staring, You win. Otherwise: You both keep staring.
  11. If you are in: You look away, and lose. | Regardless, everyone takes a sit down. Your friend starts to say bad things about you. What are you thinking
  12. Let’s end the RP there. Now, 2 more questions. 1: Is your friend bossy? 2: Is your friend ignorant?
  13. Anyway, how did you like this quiz?
  14. Now, let fate decide...

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Quiz topic: Is my friend true? Or a fake?