Do you know a lot about the world?

Welcome to the quiz about how well you know about our planet. There are some rules you need to follow before taking this quiz in the next paragraph below.

Rules: Don't ask for help Don't search on google or look in books for the correct answer Have fun You can play with friends Please enjoy yourself It's now time to take the quiz

Created by: Hannah

  1. In China, what is the festival where you have to clean your house?
  2. Who was the Egyptian Pharaoh in 1844 BC?
  3. How do you say thank you in Farsi?
  4. Who is Lucy Fallon?
  5. Who is Germany's prime minister?
  6. What is the Capital of Croatia?
  7. When was the 1st time Donald Trump became president of the USA?
  8. What is the population of London in 2011?
  9. When did World War I end?
  10. Which of these films were rated no.1 in 2017?

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Quiz topic: Do I know a lot about the world?