A whole new world 1

Hello! I've changed my gotoquiz name from Jeanie Jean to Robin. I made the animal jam love story series and now i'm doing this. The next paragraph has the rules.

rules: 1) be honest 2) be nice when commenting and stay on topic 3) don't pick answers that don't suit you 4) enjoy!

Created by: Robin
  1. Welcome! This quiz will give you permission to take my series. You ready?
  2. You are walking down the street like a normal person and then you hear someone saying that you are a hero in a prophecy. How do you react?
  3. What is your choice of weapon?
  4. What is your mortal enemy out of these?
  5. Who's your buddy? These are girls
  6. Now the other set of buddies. Boys
  7. Are you excited on the special treat of the series?
  8. Will you rate?
  9. comment? For the rest of the series you have to put :3 then comment.
  10. Guess your result!
  11. bye!

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