Is your crush going to fall for you? (Accurate! For girls!)

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I am giving you wonderful people crush quizzes along with BTS ones! I hope you liked your score! If you didn't then oh well! You can't go back anyways! .. Remember this is an accurate quiz!! Like it or not! But anyways, put a warm smile on your face and always be confident!

I normally post my quizzes on Pinterest or Tumblr! So don't forget to login to check for my latest updates! Bye lovely's! Don't get mad at your score if it's bad please!

Created by: Jiminie_BTS
  1. Zodiac sign? (Is related to quiz!)
  2. How many times do people stare at you?
  3. How many boyfriends did you have in your past? (Including now)
  4. Do you think that people find you attractive?
  5. How charming are you? (Personality wise)
  6. What is your crush like?
  7. If I was an attractive boy walking up to you and would say "Could I have your number?".. what would you say to me?
  8. Does your crush like you back?
  9. Do people despise/hate or desire/love you?
  10. Do you think that your crush actually likes you?
  11. Whoo-hoo! It's the end for this quiz! I hoped you liked it!

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Quiz topic: Is my crush going to fall for you? (Accurate! For girls!)