Are you in Love? (For Girls ONLY)

Are you unsure if you're in love, have a crush, or if he is the one? Take this quiz. It will help build your confidence, and help you get the guts to tell him.

Please answer all the questions with accurate answers. This will help your answers be more accurate and true. Just remember, these are not life-changing answers.

Created by: Maddie Beeeee
  1. When you see a certain boy, do you feel jittery, excited, or weird?
  2. Do you want to talk to him?
  3. Has he looked at you, smiled, or talked about you when you're not around before?
  4. Have you purpously tried to walk by him to be noticed?
  5. Do you think he will ask you out?
  6. Has he kissed you?
  7. Is he always on your mind?
  8. Does he have a special spot in your heart?
  9. (Last Question) Did you like this quiz?
  10. Sorry one more. Do you think he is the one?

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Quiz topic: Am I in Love? (For Girls ONLY)