Does your crush like you? (pretty accurate)

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okay, so, this is pretty accurate, so yeah, this quiz will tell whether ur crush likes you or not. ✨ so amazing had to put this: ffgbekugfaeuwihfvg qfuiiueghfbiwlbgfeiwlgfbri

i only put this becuz i had to 89pog698o6bp0whn7hg3-4w6qrf8ej09pahwrg0wfu90mthwawdoiefuhnwkdkpwo0d9rgytfreedwr3t4hyuju76ygtrhuighreuhauiwehfuufhihaefgaheiugvlergsehurgiehsufreighfuehrke

Created by: godly taro
  1. Does your crush look at you every so often?
  2. Does your crush tend to talk to you?
  3. When your having a pretty good time, does your crush often look at you?
  4. Does your crush seem happy when they see you?
  5. Does your crush seem quiet or a little jealous when you talk to someone else?
  6. When you text your crush, how fast do they reply?
  7. Does your crush send little hints, or plays with you showing that they like you?
  8. Does your crush laugh at anything that you say?
  9. Does your crush compliment you?
  10. i dare you to tell him u like him right now 😏

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you? (pretty accurate)