Is your boyfriend fit for you?

There are many people who believe they have the 'right' man. But really.. are they fit for you? A man who is fit... well he treats you like a lady, loves you like no one can, respects you like a gentleman and makes you whole.

Do you have the boyfriend that fits you? Are you sure...? I mean, this may be some random quiz you found.. but just take it. It's fun and maybee it'll even put some perspective on your relationship. Only one way to find out :)

Created by: aliceeee

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  1. Think about him right now. What did you do..?
  2. Has he ever brought you presents out of nowhere?
  3. If he surprised you by showing up right now with a bunch of flowers(or something you like), you would respond with:
  4. If you showed at up his place, how would he respond? (how do you think he would react?)
  5. When you bring up things about your future and relationship, does he..
  6. Does he help you when your upset or hurt? (Or when you need him)
  7. How often does he contact you?
  8. Does he respect you? (E.g he respects your boundaries.. like you don't want to kiss yet, he waits til your ready)
  9. Does he let you meet his friends? (Does he ever bring you out to meet his friends)
  10. Does he get mad when your with your girl friends or guy friends?
  11. LAST QUESTION: When you're with him, how do you feel?

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Quiz topic: Is my boyfriend fit for you?