Is your boyfriend cheating on you?

Girls out there are always wondering, is my guy cheating on me? Well with this quiz you will be able to figure out whether you guy is cheating on you or not.

"Am I just being paranoid?" "Is my boyfriend cheating on me?" Is this you? Are asking your self these questions? Well then this test will tell you if your man is cheating on you, or if your just being plan ol paranoid.

Created by: Liz
  1. When your guy gets a phone call, does he go in the other room and shut the door?
  2. Does he hide text messages from you, then delete them?
  3. When you ask him who he's been talking to, does he tell you its nobody?
  4. Is he distant from you?
  5. Has he cheated before?
  6. Does he get all offensive when you ask him where he's been, or who he's been talking to?
  7. Is he a flirty kind of guy?
  8. Do you catch him checking other girls out right in front of you?
  9. Does he get all offensive when you ask to see his phone?
  10. Does he have a long history of being a "player"?

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Quiz topic: Is my boyfriend cheating on you?