Is you boyfriend a romance?

Do you wonder if your boyfriend is a romantic? Give me some slack this is my first quiz. But still, is your special boy romantic, is he? Is he? Find out here.

All girls wonder. Or maybe you no he isn't or is. But if you don't, or are just plain bored, take this quiz, find out if you one of a kind boy that you love is romantic

Created by: Bella
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  1. Does that boy bring you flowers
  2. Does that boy bring you flowers
  3. Does he buy you chocolate
  4. Does he kiss yo
  5. Does he lie to you
  6. Does he hate it when you ask him to do something for you
  7. Does he ever tell you he loves you?
  8. Does he open doors, offer his seat
  9. Does he offer you dinner to a fancy place
  10. Was this a good quiz

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