Is You A Real Vice Lord

Yea, think your a true Vice Lord, Think you know the knowledge and the streets.This is a test to see if your a true VL, to see if you really know your stuff.Go head and try and see if your truely a Vice Lord.

If your a Vice Lord you should know this stuff, so try and see how you do.Go head try it and see if you are truely a Vice Lord.Only ten simple ?'s to test your Knowledge of your People's.VLN^

Created by: B-Lord
  1. What does VLN stand for?
  2. What are the 5 P's.
  3. What does the cane and top hat stand for?
  4. How many steps are in the Pyrmaid?
  5. What are the first 3 steps in the Pyrmaid?
  6. Who is the chief of the UVL's(Unknowns)
  7. What does the rabbit head mean?
  8. Who's Chief is James "Dickie" Milton?
  9. What is the last 3 steps in the pyrmaid?
  10. What does the Glove stand for?

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