Is she your friend?

Do you have a friend that your just not sure about? Maybe she's your friend one day and not the next. Or maybe your wondering if your friendship is strong enough...

Well, when you take this quiz, you will find out just how great your friend is and maybe even if your friendship will work out. What ever happens, I hope that you find the answers you were looking for.

Created by: Maxie

  1. When you guys see each other in the hall she:
  2. You guys are finally in the same class. She's:
  3. You got 2 tickets to a Katy Perry Concert!!!!! Do you invite her?
  4. Oh no. Your boyfriend dumps you. She(s):
  5. You ask to sit by her at lunch. She (says):
  6. Who does she sit with at lunch?
  7. You are having a sleepover party, and your mom says that you can invite 4 friends. But you have 5. Would you invite her?
  8. You just got a dog from the SPCA. Would you tell her first.
  9. You just got your ears pierced. She's had hers pierced for about 2 years. She:
  10. You want to join the school newspaper, but your friend doesn't. She:
  11. Are you ready for the results?

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Quiz topic: Is she my friend?