Is Job Corps for you?

I made this quiz to try and get people interested in Job Corps, which in my opinion is an AMAZING program and personally its helped me grow not only as a man but as a human being.

Ok so here is the scoop, this quiz is about Job Corps which is an amazing program. Im currently enrolled in a job corps and i love but its not for everyone. This quiz will help you decide if its for you or not.

Created by: Johnathon

  1. What do you want to do with your life?
  2. What do you want to do as a JOB?
  3. Do you want a CAREER?
  4. Are you willing to follow the rules and norms of the center?
  5. Are you willing to seperate from your family and friends for a long period of time?
  6. Are you willing to apply yourself to the program?
  7. Are you thinking about Job corps yet?
  8. Are you a Leader?
  9. Have you contacted an Adminstions councler?
  10. Are you willing to ask for help on getting information about Job corps? ( yes i'm a student of job corps )

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