How well do you know the green lantern corps?

There are few people who have knowledge about the green lantern corps! This quiz provides simple questions that tests YOUR knowledge of the GL corps!!

Do YOU have great Knowledge of the green lantern corps? Take this quiz to see exactly how knowledgeable you are about the corps and see if you are worthy!

Created by: August Hirschkorn
  1. Who was the first human green lantern?
  2. How many green lanterns are there?
  3. How many HUMAN green lanterns?
  4. Who is the most recent human green lantern to join the corps?
  5. What emotion powers the green lantern ring?
  6. Which planet holds the green lantern power battery and the guardians of the universe?
  7. Which planet is Sinestro from?
  8. Which sector is Earth from?
  9. Which entity is the entity of willpower?
  10. Where does Hal Jordan live?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the green lantern corps?