Is He Worth Your Love?

Many people have fallen in Love. Many getting their hearts broken because their love was a waste. Given to someone unworthy of it. Someone who wasn't clever to accept it.

Now, what about you? Are you one of those people? Is your crush worthy of your love? Or are you just completly blind? Maybe, who knows. Well, good luck! :)

Created by: Sarai

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How friendly is he towards you?
  2. Has he ever shared secrets with you?
  3. Has he ever joked about you being his girlfriend?
  4. How many times has he been at your house for dinner?
  5. How much older or younger than you is he?
  6. what type of relationship does he have with your family?
  7. OK, be honest now. Why do you like him?
  8. How did you meet him?
  9. What do you do to get his attention?
  10. What does he make you feel when he's around?
  11. Is he a POSITIVE influence in your life?
  12. Do you think he likes you?
  13. Do you think he is worth your love?
  14. How honest were you while taking this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Is He Worth my Love?