Is he the one for you?

Is he the one for you, or is he just your crush, will you marry him and have children or will he just be your long time boyfriend, take the quiz to find out.

This quiz is suitable for desperate teenagers who are just itching to find out if he is your guy. You may be suprised at the result, he may be the one or you may be just wasting your time!!!!

Created by: dee-violin-girl

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Is he older than you?
  2. Have you ever spoken to him?
  3. How long have youu known him for?
  4. Does he know you?
  5. Does he know you like him?
  6. Do you think he likes you?
  7. What colour do you like?
  8. What colour hair has he got
  9. How tall are you?
  10. How tall is he?
  11. Do you think your relationship will progress more than just a crush?

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