Do You like Him or He Like You??

Are you looking for the right crush or the right boyfriend? Only for you. YOU HEARD ME ONLY FOR YOU. If you like your crush or to see if someone like you.

Are you looking for a perfect man to keep forever and nobody can take him from you. Our to find out who like you in school, in class, in gym , in high school, try this quiz please

Created by: Marienny

  1. Do you or him look at each other when yah talking?
  2. Do you or he talk alot....??
  3. Does you or him look at the floor when yah talking?
  4. Does you or him said each other names wrong?
  5. Do you or him touched each other?
  6. Do do you or him have something in comment?
  7. What is your fave or his fave color?
  8. Do you dream about him?
  9. Do you have a nickname for him?
  10. How tall or short you want him?

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Quiz topic: Do I like Him or He Like You??