Is he/she a good friend to you??

There are many people that are trying to figure out if he/she is a good friend to them. Some are not really sure of it, but i know there are always people there to be your friend and wouldnt do anything to harm you. Good luck on the quiz. Think positive

If you are going to take this quiz, at the end i would like to thank you for taking this quiz of mine. I hope you have a good result in the end. If not then i dont know then. but other than that you might do fine. and dont worry about it all the time

Created by: Melissa

  1. Have you ever heard or thought that he/she was talking behind your back??
  2. Do they force you to do things that you dont want to be doing??
  3. are they nice to you??
  4. have they ever told any one about any of your secrets
  5. Do you argue with them??
  6. would they boss you around??
  7. how do you like this quiz so far??
  8. do you think they are your good friend??
  9. If you told them to meet you somewhere, would they go?? or would they ditch you??
  10. are you ready for the results??

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