Is he right for you?

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You sometimes wonder if he is the right person to have around. Some of your girl friends might say he ain't the type while you feel that he is. Or maybe you just blind to see the actual boyfriend you have!

So is he right for you after all? Or does he need a little improvement or maybe he is the right guy and your friends are just jealous! Find out on this three minute quiz ;)

Created by: Ara
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  1. How often does he get jealous?
  2. How often does he tell you "I love YOU"?
  3. Does he make you Jealous?
  4. When arguing, does he blame it on you?
  5. He is always easy to talk to
  6. Is he comfy with you?
  7. When he is hanging with his friends and you are there, does he ignore you?
  8. does he let you make decisions?
  9. Does he let you be yourself?
  10. Do you you see yourself dating anyone else?
  11. Do you see yourself lasting with him let's say.. Forever?
  12. Do you personally think he is right for you?

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