Is He Into You?

Have you ever wondered if your one and only actually likes you! Well, either way learn some fascinating things! You will learn if he's obsessed or just whatever!Including the exciting fact that garlic might keep chipmunks away!

If you would like to know if he really is the one, go to youtube! You could also take this quiz (Note: this may not actually be helpful) Take it now because I know your exact location! That's right, I'm a wanted stalker! Beat that, I'm that creepy guy that you saw at dinner the other night! So don't forget three things: Take this quiz, because I know where you live,I rock, and you suck, unless of coarse you take this quiz! :) Have a nice day!

Created by: Mizzy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he talk to you, if so about what?
  2. Does he stare at you often?
  3. Does he ask you out?
  4. Do you eat lunch together?
  5. Does he seem too cool for school?
  6. Does he ask you to slow dance at the dances?
  7. Does he tease you?
  8. Does he touch you in any way?
  9. I'm bored so do you like pie?
  10. Does he brag about himself in front of you?
  11. Hey did you enjoy this quiz? If you say no, remember I know where you live, it's called White Pages! Oh ya P.S. Don't forget, garlic could possibly keep chipmunks away!

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