Ultimate Quiz for SWBF2

There are many people that SAY they know, but let's see if you can back those words up ay? you might even learn a few things or too! you never know untill you try!

Are you very knowledgeable of Star Wars: Battlefront II? well let's see that talk turn into action! cmon and try this out, you might even learn something

Created by: Sshylon of this site
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  1. When was Star Wars Battlefron II made/released?
  2. Who created RPG? (DDs/Aggraths, Kaggath/HonorDuel)
  3. Who are the pros of Star Wars Battlefront II Hero Assault?
  4. Who are the best Glitchers?
  5. Whos well known in Star Wars Battlefront II? They don't have to be liked to be popular
  6. Who are the biggest trollers in SWBF2?
  7. Who are the biggest JERKS in Star Wars battlefront II?
  8. The most unknown players in Star Wars Battlefront II?
  9. Who can't troll?
  10. Whos the best Space player?
  11. Who is the the male in this list?
  12. Who would be the best president?
  13. Who made Mass Effect Unification R1,2,3,4 and 5?
  14. Who was always fun to play with?
  15. Whos created the most aliases?
  16. Whos the biggest Spammer?
  17. What are the noobish clans (No opinions, just facts)
  18. Who here was one of the best players on the board?
  19. Who destroyed BOA?
  20. Whos the most famous Youtuber for Star Wars Battlefront II?

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