Is he good for you?

There are many jerks in this world and I have encountered a few and thought they were good when in reality they were just god awful horrible..........

Are you thinking about what I talked about? If not you really should especially if your percent was lower than 50 percent that is most defiantly sad...

Created by: TriII_One

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he act embarrassed of you?
  2. Are people constantly complementing how cute y'all are?
  3. Why do y'all argue?
  4. Do y'all argue a lot? (ordered from the last question.)
  5. He always jealous or easily mad when you talk to other guys? If so do you think its cute when he is jealous?
  6. Are y'all sexually active?
  7. If y'all are did you make him wait?
  8. Did y'all talk for long before y'all start dating?
  9. Is he affectionate?
  10. Why is he good for you?
  11. Is he respectable?

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