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Hey guys! I'm marina at and I am 9 and what we do together is we make quizzes. I thought you will enjoy a little maths quiz. Since I am the nerd out of my group, I thought I'd like to challenge you all to a very complex math quiz.

Anyway, this is your chance to find out how good at math you are. Challengers, it's time to enter the matrix of a world of maths to tease your brain. That was me going bonkers there. Good luck!

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  1. What is the BODMAS rule?
  2. What is 96 to the power of 3?
  3. What is 44-28+36
  4. What number is z if z4+18=30
  5. How many prime numbers are there in between 10 and 40?
  6. Ali went to the supermarket and bought 3 bananas, 4 oranges and 6 apples. The bananas cost 25p each. The oranges cost £1.28 each. She got £1.12 change from a £10 note. How much did each Apple cost?
  7. What is 0.5?
  8. The clocks long hand turned 75 Degrees from 13:00 . What is the time now?
  9. Mr smith needs paint to paint his house. For every 2 pots of yellow paint, he needs 5 pots of red paint. How many pots of red paint does he need if he has 12 pots of yellow paint?
  10. 3 quarters add one half?
  11. 48 children took a survey about what their favourite colour was. One quarter of the children picked blue. How many children picked blue?
  12. 18 children chose red. How many people voted for green, yellow and purple altogether?
  13. 10 people chose purple and green altogether. How many people chose yellow?

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