Is Credit Card Processing Sales a fit for you?

A Merchant Services Agent is a person who sells Credit Card Transaction Processing to businesses. It is a very lucrative and rewarding career if you have the right skill set.

Do YOU have the right skill set? Is this career a good fit for you? If you have been wondering whether or not selling Merchant Services is right for you, this quiz can give you some insight.

Created by: Mike Gallagher of
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  1. Are you Capable of working independently with no supervision?
  2. Do you have Outside Business to Business sales experience?
  3. Do you have the ability to work on a 100% commission basis?
  4. Do you know how to generate your own leads?
  5. Are you proficient in Math?
  6. Have you ever owned your own business or worked on a 1099 basis?
  7. How do you generate the majority of your business?
  8. How many deals do you write a month?
  9. Can you do Pricing Proposals?
  10. Can You Read Merchant Processing Statements?
  11. Are you afraid of rejection?

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