Iq test who will win boys or gals

Welcome to my quiz try hard and maybe you can be a brainiac you will nevery no till you take my quiz have fun and try to get that a grade in your dreams hahaha ok maybe you will maybe you wont maybe we will never no

Are you smart i doubt it but one can hope please try out my test and pass it on to your freinds hope you do well but well we will have to see wont we

Created by: ChrisBrown
  1. What goes up but never comes down
  2. If a circles diameter is 100 what is its radius
  3. A car costing ã2000 is reduced in cost by 30% what is its new cost
  4. Which is the odd 1 out
  5. A car has to go 40km and a Bike has to go 30km. the car is travelling at 30mph and the bike at 10mph who gets there first
  6. in a car park there are 40 cars 5 are blue 12 are red 18 are pink How many are yellow
  7. i have 70 books i give 4 to charity, 5 set alight and burn 6 more i sell 12 how many are left
  8. odd 1 out
  9. after a car journey its said i did 40 mph on average but the spedo never said 40 how is it my average is 40
  10. every 10 seconds of excersise i have to stop my heart rate is 120 beats per minute after 1 minute how fast is my heart rate

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