IQ Test, very hard. Word-based section.

There are many smart people, but few are geniuses. Geniuses are very rare, and many people don't consider them when they see the genius. Still, it's an amazing title.

Are you a genius? Do you qualify? Are you the best? Complete this test in under thirteen minutes and find out! With 21 questions, YOUR intelligence quotient will be revealed.

Created by: Ella the Enchanted
  1. This first section is about comprehension. Choose the best word that means: enthusiastic
  2. Synonym: Legacy
  3. Synonym: Broken
  4. Antonym: Analogy
  5. Antonym: Quadrilingual
  6. Antonym: Resurgence
  7. Section Two: Sentence Completion. Choose the best word to complete the phrase. "Contradicting the public jury, Ella decided to ________ the judge's ruling."
  8. "No one person has agreed on a topic from the science fair, so the appraisers are _______ the deadline until June 17."
  9. "Unlike her mother, Nancy had no fear of heights, however, her father did have a piece of ______ that did show her weakness.
  10. "'A Murder is very conspicuous, suspicious, and unique. But what is the _____?' Mayor Pleybo hinted to the obviously not traumatized witness, waiting for the person to speak the truth."
  11. Section Three: Word Differences. Choose the word that does not fit in the sequence. Plate, Glass, Table, Fork
  12. Broken, Hand, Helpful, Useless
  13. Remembered, Undecided, Deadly, Acquired
  14. Depth, Width, Tall, Height
  15. Female, Adult, Juvenile, Baby
  16. Happy, Sad, Enthusiastic, Emotional
  17. Boat, Baby, Band, Bell
  18. S, Q, J, R
  19. Section 4: Word Problems / Brain Teasers. Figure them out! June is 5 miles from James. Elsa is 6 miles from Kat. Minnie is 7 miles from James. What can you conclude?
  20. A horse, a butterfly, a worm, a duck and a spider board a human-maneuvered boat. How many legs are on the boat?
  21. How did you figure this question out?

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