There are people with low and high IQ, whats yours? Try this test, you will see your IQ at end! Anyway, this, is, for testing IQ... So, do you think your hard enough?

Are your IQ high? We dont know, maybe is normal, like 50% of world population. There's still people with good IQ! Give this test a try! And let's see your smartness :)

Created by: realmaster42

  1. What's america capital?
  2. In imagination land, there's Roswell and Hak. Those two names are train stations, a train is coming from Roswell to Hak. In Hak, is 16:30, and on Roswell is 16:00 Roswell's train takes 1hour to reach Hak. What hour will it be at Hak when Roswell's train arrives?
  3. What does "biology" means?
  4. What's a deficient IQ?
  5. Who created the numbers we use today? (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0)
  6. What's portugal capital?
  7. What does "IQ" mean?
  8. GTG, what does that mean?
  9. Code test, how code smart are you? 2 = To Like g2g What does 4 mean?
  10. Dont use paper and pencil, or even calculator. Mental thinking. 5x15 =
  11. You have 6 apples. You eat 3, and then you wanna give to your friends 4, but you only have 3 apples now, what do you do?
  12. Is 00:42 right now, but John goes to sleep at 01:00 He sleeps 9 hours and 45 min, then, for lunch, he eats sandwich, taking more 15min, and then going to school he takes 25min, what time will be when he reach school?
  13. 10x5-5+5:2+5=
  14. Are you ready to know your IQ? Last test. What's America 2013 current president?

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