IQ test. How smart are you?

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Hi. Have you ever wondered how smart you are? Then this is just the right quiz for you. In ten easy questions you will find out. Just choose the answer you think is right.

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Created by: Clarke
  1. Is it possible for the average man in scottland to marry his widows sister?
  2. A year has twelve months. Some months have thirty-one days. Some months have thirty days. How many months have twenty-eight days?
  3. How many birthdays does the average woman have?
  4. You are paricipating in a race. You overtook the second person. Which is now your position?
  5. Gwendolyns father has ten daughters. Their names are Lyra, Mila, Thalia, Sibel, Rose, Limetta, Ruby, Elly, Kathaleen
  6. Now let us do some math. Remember: do it just in your head! 1000+10+1000+20+1000+30+1000+40. What is the answer?
  7. More math, yay! Divide 30 by 1/2 and add ten. Which result do you get?
  8. A farmer has 17 sheep. All but eight run away. How many sheep didn't run away?
  9. You find a basket with three oranges in it. You take two oranges away. How many oranges do you now have?
  10. How do you spell it right?
  11. There are a troll and a fairy. The troll always lies, the fairy always tells the thruth. Both of them say the same sentence at the same time. Which would it be?

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Quiz topic: IQ test. How smart am I?