What will you be when you grow up

I made this quiz so you have some idea what to choose as your career path it won't come as an easy choice so take a look. Just take it easy because you may have to face the truth about yourself and that is very very very difficult ult for some people especially the mean or bullying ones

You could be an actress or actor or teacher or musician or hairdresser do this quiz to hav a changeable answer to what should get scared about your answer but don't everything will be fine and you may choose a completely different career path

Created by: Eleanor
  1. are you happy around children
  2. Do you like music
  3. Are you good at persevering
  4. Are you good at working in a team
  5. Select a job
  6. Are you all about fashion
  7. Are you creative
  8. Do you like to be incharge
  9. Are you kind
  10. Do you like to read

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Quiz topic: What will I be when you grow up