Into the dark (story)

Created by: singin234
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  1. I could not see, at all. All i could hear the the dripping of water and heavy footsteps. Whatever I was sitting on was cold and damp. My hands were wrapped but with rope. Then my vison cleared. I was in a cave, it was night as well. A small pond was in the middle of the small cave. A hole was in the roof and I could see the moon on the water. It was a full moon. Howling of wolfs and gun shots. I shived and then a guy whop looked 20 (like me) Wrapped a blanket around me and untied my hand. I whispered to him "Whats going on?" Well i could tell it was a guy, the moon light let me see that much. Just not what he looked like. He put his finger to his lips "Shh your safe here" I nodded, all I wanted to do was go to sleep. But the gun shots kept me awake. I could not tust the guy anyway. Then I could hear footsteps coming my way. My head hurt as well. Who was I? Oh i cant remember my name, this is bad. Very bad.
  2. The guy nuged me,he was standing up. He held out his hand to me, I took it. He was strong, he helped me stamd. he whispered something into my ear "What?" I said but it was too late. We were holding hands running somewhere. We were in a forest dogging all the trees. He was fast, like a vampire fast. How was I keeping up with him? Was I a vampire, I dont know who I am anymore. I could be. Ouch my feet hurt, I look down at them. I have no shoes on and my feet were bleeding. People are running after us, are they trying to kill us? Must be! So i try to run faster. Then we lose them and I fall alseep.
  3. I wake up on a black bed in a samll room. I look at my feet that were fine. I still didnt know who I was, well thats great...NOT! Who is my family? Then the guy from lasxt night walks into my room. He has black hair and blue blackish eyes. He is strong and not pale but not tan. He is wearing a red shirt and a black jacket. He was also wearing jeans and running shoes. I looked at him weirdly, I dont think I had ever saw him before "Who am I? Who are you?" I ask. He looks shocked but sits down at the end of the bed. "I am Chris, I dont know who you are. I found you in the cave tired up" I burst into tears "wow are you always such a cry baby?" He aksed me meanly. I hit him on the arm "Hey, I dont know who I am. Would you cry if you would not remember anything. Even your name" Chris answered stright away "No" He told me. I hit he again and A lot harder. "Ouch" He said rubbing his arm. He looked at me and then the bed "I guess you can stay with me, until you remember everything" He told me mummbling. I remembered my age and all my school work just nothing else. "Yay" I said hugging him. Then he mummbled "Oh great" I dont think I was surpose to hear but he will lern to like me in time...
  4. sorry its short but, if I make another
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  8. OKAY I AM SORRY ITS SHORT. I just wanted to see if people like it or not. Cuase if people like it i might make more but if they dont...
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