In which year should you were born in?

Many peoples feel somehow different, special... Like their place isn't there... Now, you can find out taking this quiz in what age should you live in!

Should you be a villager in the ice period after the Ice Age? A hussar or a galactic emperor? A mechanic? A soldier? A merchant? A king? Find out now who you are!

Created by: UFLOthealienflo
  1. What do you do in your Sundays?
  2. You are doing an exam and you see that your crayon's gone! You search it everywhere, until you see it at your new friend, and you hear him saying "Sorry... I need it!"
  3. Your favorite season?
  4. Your favourite time of the day?
  5. Where are you from?
  6. Your favourite weapon?
  7. Your favourite games genre?
  8. Do you know in which year was created the Sphinx?
  9. Which describes you the best?
  10. Final question: Choose one of these personalities:

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Quiz topic: In which year should I were born in?