Are you as much of a wizard as Harry?

There are many ordinary people in the wizarding world, though very few genius' are born. Few are Albus Dumbledore, Voldemort and Grindewald. Will you become part of that? This will only be known if you take this quiz!

If you are taking this please not if you succeed you will be as Great as Dumbledore if not you will sadly be in you first year at hogwarts! Which will still be good of course!

Created by: Woonil Wislab

  1. Who was the person who first received a cloak from the Death?
  2. What is the term of when two wands make a magical chain? (When Duelling)
  3. How did the members of the DA communicate?
  4. What was the plant Harry, Ron and Hermione had to get past to get to the Stone?
  5. what mark did harry potter receive for his potions for the O.W.L's
  6. Who lies to Voldemort and says Harry Potter is dead?
  7. What is the Hogwarts' modo?
  8. Now for a nice easy one. Who does the flying motorbike belong to?
  9. Who gave Harry a box of chocolate cauldrons?
  10. What is the spell when it feels as though an ankle has grabbed you and hung you upside down in mid air?
  11. Which Broom isn't real?

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Quiz topic: Am I as much of a wizard as Harry?